Knowledge exchange and improved 

Knowledge exchange and improved

The Ushamwari OLVG-Zimbabwe Foundation – a non-profit organization – will focus on improving care for individuals with HIV and tuberculosis and maternal-infant health. This will be attained by exchanging knowledge through online consults and improving diagnostics and therapies. We will attain these goals using four projects:

Online consults

Improved internet services will facilitate patient case conferences and permit us to share new treatment developments with our colleagues in Zimbabwe.


Quality laboratory facilities can improve health care outcomes for patients. Examples are the use of diagnostics or early testing for HIV resistance against first-line medications.

Gynaecology and obstetrics

Provision of obstetrical instruments which will result in safer deliveries. We are going to study the feasibility of testing for cervical cancer in Zimbabwe because this is one of the most common forms of(preventable) cancer in women there.

Exhange program

By facilitating an exchange between doctors and nurses in the OLVG and the hospitals in Zimbabwe, we can assure that a meaningful knowledge transfer can take place.

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